Peel for Good Skin

Peel for Good Skin


 The Juicy Enzyme Peeling from Maurice K Beauty Germany has a juicy fruit scent that smells delicious! The peeling contains papaya extracts as an exfoliating agent. Papaya extract enzyme is widely used in skincare act as a natural exfoliant that gently breaks down damaged skin protein whilst leaving skin looking and feeling smooth, revitalized and radiant.

Maurice K Beauty Germany 的 Juicy Enzyme Peeling 含有木瓜提取物作为去角质剂。 木瓜提取物被广泛用于护肤品,作为一种天然去角质剂,可温和分解受损的皮肤蛋白质,同时使皮肤看起来和感觉光滑、焕发活力和容光焕发。


Juicy Enzyme Peeling is a true “Clean” product with no synthetic ingredients added. The peeling is based on fruit enzymes that are extracted from papaya fruits. It is free from paraben,mineral oil and dyes.

Juicy Enzyme Peeling 是真正的“清洁”产品,不添加任何合成成分。 去角质是基于从木瓜果实中提取的酵素。 它不含对羟基苯甲酸酯、矿物油和染料。

The Juicy Enzyme Peeling contains:Yeast enzyme,papaya extracr,shea butter,squalene


It gently remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, making it look clear and healthy again. In addition, they help to remove impurities such as pimples and blackheads from your skin.

它温和地去除皮肤表面的死皮细胞,使其再次看起来光滑和健康。 此外,它们有助于去除皮肤上的粉刺和黑头等杂质。


Beauty Tips

After the Juicy Enzyme Peeling, pamper your skin with one of our power ampoules such as the Triple C Boost Ampoule and benefit from a revitalized complexion and improved radiance

在 Juicy Enzyme Peeling 之后,使用 Triple C Boost Ampoule 呵护您的肌肤,让您的肤色焕发活力,焕发光彩


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